National Biocentre (Milton Keynes)

The National Biocentre is a world renowned sample management and high capacity bioprocessing facility. 

        The 60,000²ft space was originally an open plan industrial unit. Now having been an ongoing project for us, the unit is now an industry leading super-lab, with several large laboratories designed for sample management. Several large open areas, designed to house a number of LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen) tanks. a mezzanine area as well as additional storage areas which are filled with both small and large freezers dedicated to store up to 4 million samples each. These freezers create unwanted heat throughout the facility, meaning air management and extraction is extremely important throughout.

        We have installed the necessary ducting and air handling systems throughout the building to keep the facility at the correct controlled temperature and give the building correct air flow.

        The building also has a number of offices, as well as a presentation area, gym and a welfare area all designed and fitted out by us.

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